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Sunday, 23 June 2019

Free Download Tencent Gaming Buddy Pc Emulator - 2019 | Google drive

From all Android Emulator available on PC, Tencent Gaming Buddy is the best choice for you who likes to play phone games like PUBG Mobile!
The appearance of PUBG in mobile platform surely becomes a favorite among players. This game was a popular when the PC version released for the first time. The mobile version has skyrocketed this game’s popularity and make those casual players can try this battle royale game on their device. But, not all gamer can enjoy PUBG mobile. There are few who experience some troubles such as lag on their smartphone while playing, and there are few who don’t get used to the controls with PUBG Mobile. To overcome those troubles, Tencent make an interesting breakthrough by releasing official emulator to play PUBG Mobile on PC called Tencent Gaming Buddy.
Surely not only for PUBG Mobile, Tencent Gaming Buddy can play your other Android games. To know more about this amazing Android emulator, go check its superiorities here!

Requirement Of Tencent Gaming Buddy

Tencent Gaming Buddy may look like usual Android emulator on PC. But, this emulator has its own superiorities which is not available on other similar applications. What are those? Here are those superiorities of Tencent Gaming Buddy:
  • Light Specification
  • To run Tencent Gaming Buddy, you don’t need a PC with high-end specification. You only need a Dual Core processor, 4GB RAM at least, 1GB NVIDIA/AMD graphic card, and saving capacity for minimal 3GB, you can run this emulator;
  • Download and Install With Ease
  • You just need to download Tencent Gaming Buddy on their official site. After downloading, run it and follow the steps. To install games, you just need to click on it;
  • Complete Features 
  • Features on Tencent Gaming Buddy has fulfilled all your needs. Starting from processor and ram setting, macro controller feature, full screen mode, as well as recording your gameplay for streaming purpose.

Download  Tencent Gaming Buddy

This official emulator from China’s biggest gaming industry is a must-have for you if you like to play Tencent games. Because, Tencent Gaming Buddy has been built precisely so that it can run Tencent games optimally. There’s no more lags and delays in PUBG Mobile. In addition, with macro controller feature or keyboard usage setting are already complete. You can play PUBG PC on mobile.