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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

The Adventure of TinTin Apk+Obb Full Android Game | Google Drive

The Adventures of Tintin :

in Persian (The Adventures of Tin Tin) beautiful game, exciting and fun with amazing graphics and stunning in style Loft intellectual games other products from renowned company for the operating system Android is that we today call Members latest version of’ve put it for you! This is a game based on the movie of the same name is designed, you take on the role Tien Tien, a Belgian journalist puts a different adventure that will bring hours of challenge you.

Great graphics and HD gaming will work those of you who are interested in mobile gaming Nstyd not want to experience it! The story begins where the Tien Tien buys a model ship but initially was not aware that a major hidden at the end of it, but those who are aware of this incident and the theft of the model, Tien Tien you will also have to foot the adventure!

Tien Tien so many demarcations realizes that there are three of the ships and who can expose a secret that all three have in your possession . The first of a he captain Haddock’s most memorable characters of this series meets and tells him that the ritual is wrong and its captain. Francis Haddock Haddock and all the secrets to his grave in the name of his beloved ship is concerned.Since the mark he was a Unicorn, the Unicorn have an important role in solving some puzzles! From this point on, the story becomes more serious and the two traveled to different areas and collide with various adventures. Even at certain times, Haddock narrates the adventures of his grandfather and his companion to go past !!!
A variety of challenging missions that you have on your shower them with his faithful dog to accomplish and bring excitement in his Andrvydfvn.We are Apkfine the latest version of the game on July 31, 2013 will be put at your disposal that are thoroughly tested and is well on the phone and will run Android 2.1 and higher.In this version (Version mode) All items are open game and is undoubtedly the best and most complete version. To view pictures of the amazing game The Adventures of Tintin and training of installers and run the game to read more go!
The first point:This game is run for the first time, be sure to Internet connection is ON

Tips to install and run the game:

First, download the compressed files and decompress it 

Second, folder in the path of Android / data copy.

Step Three: Connect your Internet connection 

The fourth step: to play and have fun run.Friends on any phone that was no problem with the comments so other users who want to download safely do this!

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