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Saturday, 22 July 2017

WhatsApp v8.0 - Latest Version

WhatsApp v8.0 - Latest Version :

1. Added an Option to Download Status / Stories ( Go to Story and There You Will Find a Download Icon > Click on that and Status Will be Saved in WhatsApp/Media/Contacts Storys Folder )
 2.Added an Option to Enable and Disable Custom Privacy Per Contact or Group ( Go to Chat > Info > NorahPrivacy )
 3.Fixed Privacy Settings

 4.Upload Whatsapp Status Without Any Time Limits  
  1. Complete changing whatsapp theme
  1. New Ticks Material Style
  1. New Contact And Group Avatar
  1. New Incoming Notification Icon
  1. Base version 2.12.272
  1. No 30 seconds time limits.
How To Install ?
  • Take Backup of Messages, Open Whatsapp then go to: Settings > Chat Settings > Back up chat
  • Download WhatsApp + v80 from given link below
  • Uninstall Original Whatsapp from your Phone. (Otherwise You Can’t Install This Edition)
  • Install WhatsApp +v80
  • enjoy it